Types of Kitchen Table Top

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, finding the right countertop should be on the top of your list of things to do. Choosing the right kitchen countertop is not easy and not to mention expensive! Replacing a scratched, seared, stained, or just a plain unattractive countertop can transform any kitchen.


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In deciding a suitable surface for your kitchen, you need to consider these factors:

  • how frequently you cook
  • your budget
  • your living habits

Once you’ve determined these factors, choosing the right material to suite your taste will be less of a pain. Here are the 3 common materials available in the market today:



Solid Surface

100% natural: cut from quarriesMan made: made from 85% to 95% quartz (one of the hardest minerals in the world)Man-made: made from acrylic or polyester
Every piece is unique in colour and pattern with a high polish finish.Has a polished finish, and is consistent in terms of colour and patternHas a matt finish, and is consistent in terms of colour and pattern
Scratch resistantScratch resistantMore prone to scratches, but can be sanded out unless the scratches are very severe
Heat resistantHeat resistant up to 205 °CNot heat resistant, which means it tends to melt or warp when it comes into contact with hot items
Average resistance to stainsHigh resistance to stainsExcellent resistance to stains
Average resistance to chippingHigh resistance to chippingHigh resistance to chipping
Bacteria resistantBacteria resistantPoor resistance as bacteria and moisture may accumulate in severe scratches
Needs to be sealed during installation and at least once every yearNo sealing is requiredNo sealing is required
Suitable for people who do heavy cookingSuitable for people who do heavy cookingGreat for people on a tight budget and don’t cook as much
Prices can be anywhere from $60 to $180 per foot run, depending on the brandPrices can be anywhere from $120 to $190 per foot run, depending on the brandPrices can be anywhere from $75 to $180 per foot run, depending on the brand


In choosing the right counter top for your kitchen the materials have to have inherently low flammability and will not disintegrate, making it the excellent choice for kitchen. The materials specified at table above are affordable compared to other stones like soapstone and marble.

However, if your budget is enough and the taste for something different, you can even consider something like steel for your kitchen counter-top. All things considered, it ought to be something that you can live with for no less than 5 years or more.


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