Kitchen Concept Designs

Does your current kitchen layout need renovating or do you simply want to refresh a tired colour scheme? Well, now might be the perfect time to plan your dream kitchen. But before you start, it is best to know what concept design you want for your kitchen. List a few factors, the pros and cons that you need to narrow down since renovating are very costly. In this article we will be discussing the two customary kitchen concept designs:


 Open Concept Kitchen

An open kitchen is the one which blends in with your dining room and living room. This open floor plan creates a more productive and interactive place that allows optimum multitasking. Like every other design, open kitchen plan has its own set of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some.

Pros of An Open Kitchen:

  • Since it’s open, these modular kitchens are naturally brighter and well-ventilated.
  • Best for couples who like to work and entertain at the same time.
  • Works well with small spaces. As the wall comes down, it creates an illusion of larger space.
  • Best choice for parents, if they want to keep an eye on their kids while preparing healthy & nutritious meals. Also, they can engage & supervise kids, all at the same time.
  • You can easily showcase your culinary talents and beautiful cookware.
  • Adds to the overall decor of your home.
  • It creates an informal environment.

Cons of An Open Kitchen:

  • It can lead to unwanted guests wandering in your kitchen space.
  • It can become awkward for a messy kitchen that is difficult to hide.
  • Undesirable sounds of mixer-grinder, juicer, and other appliances can disturb your entertainment space.
  • Heavy cooking may cause odor to linger into living spaces and stick onto furniture and curtains.


 Closed Kitchen

A closed kitchen is exactly what it sounds like i.e. Closed space isolated from the rest of the home. It has its own area dedicated to making meals and other functionalities. It has various benefits and drawbacks to its style. However, people are rooting back to this traditional style of kitchen.

 Pros of A Closed Kitchen

  • It is a confined space where you can perform all your kitchen duties without any interruption.
  • Considering the number of walls, storage space & counter space increases without a say.
  • Leave all the kitchen smell and noise to the designated area only.
  • Also, it works well with entertainers who hire caterers & chefs to serve at their parties.
  • Create more of a formal and traditional space.

 Cons of A Closed Kitchen

  • It can be very isolating at times as it is separated from the rest of the home.
  • Must be very well ventilated so that the odour doesn’t lurk around for long.


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