Painting is the act of applying paint pigment, color or other medium o a solid surface. The medium is regularly applied to the base with a brush, yet different tools are used to paint, for example, blades, wipes, and airbrushes, can be used. Paint is most normally used to protect, color, or give texture to objects


What’s in Paint?

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Different brands may differ in the amount they put in their paint, however, they still share the same ingredients:

  • Additives. Performance boosters such as anti-foaming agents and mildewcides.
  • Binders. Resins that turn liquid paint into a solid on the wall.
  • Carrie. Solvents that keep paint liquid until it’s on the wall. Water is the primary carrier for latex, mineral spirits for oil paint.
  • Colorant. Liquid tints that add color to paint.
  • Pigments. Powdered minerals that give the paint its hiding ability.


What are VOCs?

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. They are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. VOCs are found in many building materials and are partially responsible for that new paint smell. Short-term exposure to these fumes can cause headaches and eye and lung irritation. Limit your risk by using paint certified as low- or zero-VOC.

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What’s the VOC level?

Low VOC paints have decreased amounts of volatile organic compounds, which means they don’t off-gas as much as customary paints. Remember that when it says “low” it’s only in comparison to some other paints. There’s are no standards that define what “low” means, so the labels are arbitrary, at best.

Paints that are zero-VOC have no volatile organic compounds in them. This shouldn’t imply that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, though. In fact, the paint tinting process can sometimes add some VOCs. That said, these are still a great option.


Does Green Mean Family-Safe?

Yes, it does. Green paints are safer because their makers have reduced or eliminated the toxic VOCs that can harm us and the air we breathe. And they’ve done it without compromising quality or jacking up prices. Green paints are as good or better than the old-school variety, and most cost the same as a mid-range or premium latex. However, some green paints are more people- and Eco-friendly than others.

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There are quite a few popular ranges of painting available in the market just to name a few as follows:

Paint TypeDescriptionFeatures
Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000A premium grade low odour emulsion paint, it delivers a beautiful smooth matt finish, in a choice of over 1000 colours, Designed to last and give good coverage, there’s no better basic paint for your walls.Low Odour, Smooth matt finish, Long-lasting colours, Good coverage, Durable, Resistant to alkali/fungus, Water-based paint, No Lead or Mercury added
Nippon Paint Easy Wash with TeflonThis premium washable interior wall paint allows you to wash off dirt and stains easily, more effectively than ever.
Available in a wide range of decorative and unique colours, Easy Wash with Teflon™ allows you to freely express yourself. What’s more, it’s easy to apply and low on odour.
Teflon™ Technology, Outstanding washability, Elegant soft sheen finish, Long-lasting colours, Resistant to stain, Resistant to blistering & peeling, Alkali resistant, Anti-fungus/mold, Fast drying, Water-based paint, No Lead or Mercury added
Nippon Odorless PaintA breakthrough formula that reduces Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels to almost zero. You get superb performance without the pollutant (VOC) emitted into the air. You will experience almost no paint odour during and after painting. It’s the ideal interior wall paint for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour.Almost no odour. Near zero VOC, Ammonia-free, Heavy metal free, Classic Matt, Long-lasting colours, Washable, Covers hairline cracks, Resistance to fungus, Easy application, Easy touch-up, Less splattering, Resistance to fading and chalking, Water-based paint, No Lead or Mercury added
Nippon Paint MozzieguardA special coating with insecticide encapsulated in the polymer for interior use. The active ingredient within the paint enters the Aedes aegypti mosquito when it lands on the painted surface and disrupts the Aedes aegypti mosquito’s nervous system, leading to paralysis and mortality.Excellent knockdown property against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes on contact, Durable & washable film, Good stain resistance, Good fungus & mold resistance, Free from lead and mercury, Low Odour, Easy application and touch-up, DEET- Free, NEA registered


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